About Guy Skin

Guy skin is different, and it requires a completely different approach to skin care than women use. The best skincare products for men are usually made especially for guys, our harsher skin and our preference for a no-nonsense approach. While moisturizers, lotions and potions are fine with some guys, most of us won’t spend as much time and use as many different products as women.

At Guy Skin, I try to sort through all the fluff, hype and nonsense and help practical guys like you find the right men’s skin care products and grooming aids. That means you’ll find articles here about the best skincare products for men, but you’ll also find information on choosing the best straight razor and maintaining great stubble or a longer beard too. It’s all part of being a guy.

So is makeup. Many men now wear makeup sometimes or all the time, and I embrace that custom when necessary. Skincare for men includes male makeup, concealer for men and many other similar products. Makeup is no longer just something women use; it’s for guys who want to look good despite skin flaws too.

I understand that some men deal with skin conditions, so I include product reviews and information here about rosacea skin care for men — including natural remedies for rosacea — and much more. As this site expands, even more skin conditions are certain to be covered.

I’m Eric Parker, your host and guide at Guy Skin, and I want to help you look and feel your best. In fact, I want you to live the best life possible. That’s why I also maintain two other sites especially for men: Best Beard Ever and Better Beard, Better Life.

In addition, I have two websites that features a wide variety of advice and articles. They are Conspiracy of Good and Advice Without Hype. Finally, I offer a site about an eye problem I have caused by spending so much time at the computer! Learn more about it at Clear Your Eyes.

If you believe that guy skin is different and need help selecting the best skincare products for men like you, you’re in the right place. At Guy Skin, I strive to provide you solutions to your skin problems and good information you can use to look young and healthy so you can put your best foot forward today and every day.

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