Best Body Groomer Is Powerful, Easy On Your Skin And Washable Too

Getting the best body groomer you can find is important if you want to maintain your hair as well as your skin. And if you choose the product carefully, you can handle all your hair grooming tasks with just one trimmer.

Part of great skin care for men is not irritating your skin with the devices or equipment you use to make yourself look good. That’s why I like my favorite body groomer so well. It has rounded blade edges and corners that allow you to get a good cut without scratching or tearing your skin. That’s important for any guy.

So what’s my favorite way to keep my hair in check? I’ll tell you.

A Body Groomer Review For You

The body groomer I trust has plenty of options and attachments.

It’s easy to amass a big collection of grooming tools through the course of a lifetime. A few never really work. Others work okay but not good enough to be satisfying. Once you get the Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7100 — available from Amazon — you may decide the clean out that junk drawer. This is the only body groomer I use now.

Sometimes when a device is designed to be versatile, it does a lot of things but doesn’t do any of them well. But most things I’ve tried to do with this the Multigroom came out really good. It has eight attachments for different kinds of trimming that range from stubble to haircutting to doing a little manscaping wherever you need it. You can also choose from 18 length settings, so getting exactly the length you want isn’t a problem.

Those attachments includes a mini foil shaver for getting around the edges of your beard, mustache or stubble closely and a larger shaver for handing your neck.

One big advantage of this trimmer over some of the others I’ve had is that it’s powerful and can cut through even thick hair. That’s largely because battery technology is so much better than it used to be. You get nearly an hour of charge time from plugging it in for an hour. There’s also a 5-minute quick charge feature to get yourself five minutes of trimming time if you forget to plug it in.

You can trim down to stubble, shape up a beard or trim nose and ear hear without any problems. While I have other tools for each of these purposes, I find myself reaching mostly for this body groomer no matter what I need to do.

I’ve already mentioned the skin-friendly blades with the rounded corners and edges to that protect your skin, so there’ll be no more scratches. The blades are made from fancy steel that stays sharp, so you don’t have to worry about doing any maintenance.

I also like that you can wash this trimmer or use it in the shower. You can’t do that with any of the other trimmers I have in my drawer.

I usually like to mention any negative things I’ve found out when I write a review, but I like this trimmer really, really well. I saw a few little things in some online reviews, but I really don’t agree with them so I won’t even mention them. This piece of equipment has really won me over.

There’s a pouch and cleaning brush included too.

A Couple More Body Groomer Thoughts

I’m really not into manscaping, but I do like my neck to be clean, my eyebrows to be well-groomed and any stray ear hairs taken care of. I also trim a few other spots as needed. Anyway, I’ve just about given up on everything else for grooming and use this almost exclusively now.

Part of taking care of your skin is dealing with hair. If you have a beard and like being hairy, that’s great. But I’m sure you still trim a few places. If you like to be clean-shaven from head to toe, that’s great too. I promise you this body groomer can do it.

I’ve found that grooming is easier with the Multigroom than with anything else I have. And I don’t like dealing with hair, so I try to get it done and get on with my life.

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