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Best Beard Brush Works Even Better When You Use The Right Products

As your beard gets longer, you may notice itching, waviness, flyaway hairs, tangling and other issues that make you realize you need to take better care of your facial hair. A beard brush is an important part of reducing itching and dry skin under your beard while distributing natural oils… Read more »

Best Straight Razor Shaving Kit Combines Value With Quality

Finding the best straight razor shaving kit is a bit of a challenge because not many big-name makers bother with straight razors anymore. While they were the only option for decades, today many guys are more interested in multi-blade safety razors and designer stubble. But straight razors are enjoying a… Read more »

Best Shaving Oil Works With Or Without Shaving Cream And With Any Razor

There are two different kinds of shaving oil available, but they’re really the same thing. One is the kind that you apply before applying your regular shaving cream to help soften your beard and condition your skin. The other is something you use instead of shaving cream. But there’s no… Read more »

Best Straight Razor Is Affordable But Still A Big Step Up From Bargain Brands

If you follow the advice of some men’s style gurus, you could spend nearly $200 to get the best straight razor available — but that simply isn’t necessary. You can get a great straight razor for a very reasonable price when choose carefully and learn from my experiences. I have… Read more »