Choose A Tattoo Cream That Comes With A Complete Tattoo Care Kit

For many of us, taking care of our skin means taking care of our tattoos too. While some tattoo artists will tell you to slather Vaseline on your new tattoo and everything will be fine, a special tattoo cream makes more sense. Getting a complete tattoo care kit with everything you need to keep your new tat in great shape makes even more sense.

Lots of guys react badly to petroleum jelly, plus it seals your skin off from the air that allows it to heal. The post-tattoo care program that was recommended to me and that I recommend to you is one that’s completely petroleum-free and allows your tats to heal naturally.

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Tattoo Cream And Tattoo Care Kit Review

Complete tattoo care kit with ointment and carrying bag.

The complete tattoo care kit that I recommend comes with a foaming antibacterial soap, ointment and moisturizing cream. The H2Ocean Extreme Tattoo Care Kit — available from Amazon — is designed to maintain healthy skin and to keep your delicate new tat looking great as it heals. It prevents scarring, helps with any scabbing that develops and eases the pain a bit too.

There’s nothing bad in it at all, so there’s nothing that will irritate your skin or make things worse. The products are water-based and safe, and there’s an instruction card included that explains exactly how to best use these products together to get you the good outcome and the quick healing that you want.

I’ve talked to a couple of tattoos pro who recommend this set now.

You use the foam and the tattoo ointment on day one. The foam cleans away everything that isn’t supposed to be there, then the cream is mostly for moisturizing. With the tattoo moisturizer and the wash that you continue using, the pain really stays under control. The wash seems to help get the ink-leaking under control so that your body maintains the ink better than if you don’t use any special products.

So the best idea is to buy this kit and have it on hand to use immediately after you get your first or next tattoo. If you’ve already gotten one and are having trouble with the healing, this kit will still help you. I’d suggest getting the kit, using the first-day wash as soon as you get it and then starting to use the other two products. They are recommended to help clean up excess scabbing and the speed up healing too.

I think it’s important to decide how to treat a tattoo in advance and then to get this set and use it on all of them. That way, you get a consistent amount of ink retention, consistent and quick healing and don’t have to worry about the pain even on the first night. But I know tattoos are sometimes impulsive, so order this for quick delivery and start using it as quickly as you can after you get a new tattoo. I think you’ll be impressed. The tattoo cream is the most important part, but the cleansers are made just for tattoos and do some good too.

More To It Than You Think

If you’re new to tattooing, you quickly find that there’s more to it than you think. You don’t just get a tat, wrap it in Saran wrap and wait for it to heal up. That’s almost certain to cause scarring and excessive scabbing, and you won’t get good results. Fixing a messed up tat is a big mess that you don’t want to have to deal with.

So I suggest you use a tattoo cream and a tattoo care kit for your post-tattoo care. A tat may not seem like something that needs a lot of pampering, but it does if you want it to look its best for years to come. Nothing looks worse than faded old ink.

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